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Inspiring Women and Men to Embrace the Work it Takes to Be Healthier

Athleader takes its Burn1000 high intensity program areas around Atlanta and people keep coming back for more.

Yes, you feel like you want to cry and yes you really would like to quit but not today. Athleader is transforming the way women and men approach fitness. Burn1000 is a program created by Quinton Cole that is a high intensity mixture of aerobics, weight lifting, and calisthenics.

You have to have it in you to get through BURN1000. But when you do, you know you've conquered something that lets you know you can do just about anything.

Quinton Cole's program focused mainly on a majority female membership...about 90%. There's no holding back and results speak for themselves. Members share that having a program like BK1 builds your confidence and gets you believing in yourself even more.

Athleader Foundation

Athleader Foundation is a non-profit organization raising awareness and raising funds to support research and the fight against cancer.


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